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DubLi Network Business Opportunity

DubLi vs MLM

DubLi Inc. looks to be the best thing going right now, and in the future, for those that prefer not to sell tangible products that need to be stored or delivered to its customers. With DubLi, it’s all about the money, or Cashback I should say.

DubLi.com is the largest “Cashback” company in the world, presently in over 100 countries and have over 11,000,000 customers to date. They have partnered with thousands of merchants and travel companies, from around the world, that pay Dubli, usually as a percentage of sales, actual cash, based on the purchase price of the product your customers buy. DubLi, in turn, returns this Cashback to your customers. This business plan is absolutely brilliant and a win, win situation for all that are involved. And to make it even better, your customer can register and join for FREE. Unlike your traditional MLM’s, your customers do not have to change any of their buying habits and bear any additional costs. They can also profit from this program just by sharing the Dubli shopping portal with their friends and family.

Dubli also has a Partner Program which is a co-branded version of the DubLi.com site which allows an organization or business the opportunity to participate in Dubli’s profitable e-commerce platforms. This in turns offers their customers cash rewards while at the same time allowing them the ability to monetize their customers database. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT.  Dubli’s Cashback pays out as high as 30% of the purchase price, depending on the merchant and have over 4000 major retailers in the US alone.






 Ouroboros Trading Network

 Well, I have seen them come and I have seen them go. I have been a gracious winner and a good loser. The questions is, do I feel like I got what I paid for? I would have to say, most definitely. Had I not lost money last year when “giving it a whirl”, I probably would not have chased it the way I did. Lets just say I have been through several different groups and programs trying to find that easy fix, just to find out there is not one. To be a good trader, it takes far more patience then I was used to giving. It also takes an enormous amount of knowledge to know why the market moves the way it does. I found this group by watching another person who would frequent the trading group I was with at the time and posting some of his trades on the wall. It was pretty obvious he knew what he was doing and had a good strategy that he was using. I also noticed the size of his account balance which was always quite substantial so when I heard he had a group of his own, I skyped him and we talked. I spent the money and joined his group and have learned enough in the past 45 days that I am not just following others but trading on my own and being quite successful. This has encouraged me to actually study the trades that I lost so i can know what to watch for on the next one. I might also add that there are others in the group from all around the world that are pretty good too and are more than willing to help out and give guidance to those that need or ask for it. I am not expecting to reach the same results as David, the founder whom I was referring to, at least not in the time frame in which he has been trading. But it nice to see someone who has never traded before to actually “bank” over $1,200,000 in less than 5 months. So if you are interested in learning or wanting to improve your skills as a trader, your welcome to contact me for more information. But I promise you this, it’s not cheap. BTW, I went 7-2 in trades just while typing this post 🙂  For more information on Ouroboros Trading, go to: http://ouroborostradingnetwork.net/?ref=7



Karatbars International

Karatbars International

 Karatbars International was founded in 2011 and specializes in the production and sale of small weighted gold bullion bars along with many specialized and unique gifts. They are currently active in more than 123 countries worldwide.

I see Karatbars as not only a great way to save money but also a safe and very profitable business opportunity. They make it affordable to buy gold for those that do not have the funds to purchase it by the ounce and what a great way to save money. Gold offers protection against inflation and currency reform and is a much more stable investment in times of crisis. The demand for gold is higher than the supply and will remain unimpaired, as the limited resources are not reproducible. It costs absolutely nothing to join Karatbars and if you which to make a business out of it, the start up costs are extremely low which includes small weighted gold bullion bars (depending on which level you start at) plus all the necessary materials to give you a fast start with above average profits. This is not an MLM, but a Dual Team System with a Unilevel Payout.

Thus, gold is the security for you and your family and should exist in every household as capital protection.



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JetStream Direct





I am now looking for distributors for the “ALL NEW JETSTREAM 4” HDTV-4K/3D media box that works with any TV. Media boxes are already programmed with new software, just plug them in to your TV and start watching all your favorites commercial free. They come with a 1 year warranty and full support dept.

Streaming Media is the hottest thing selling right now, out selling phones, iPads & computers. The income potential if just doing it part time is over $1000 to $2000 per month and can easily exceed $5000 per month. Full time distributors are earning in excess of $35000 per month an it is easy to do. Contact me for more information and see our website at: www.JetStreamDirect.com