It’s Time has Come

After saturating myself in the “streaming media” marketplace and learning all there is to know with this new technology, I have developed the absolute best streaming device available. With help from the manufacturer, I have made the necessary upgrades and adjustments that makes this product not only the “best in it’s class”, but also consumer friendly. This box features HDTV, both live with commercials including local channels plus the ability

A Lawyer And A Banker Walk Into A Bar…

A Lawyer and a

Why do things always get crazy when corporate investors get involved? Take a look at alternative investing. As it’s commonly understood, alternative assets are those investment products which don’t commonly fall under the Wall Street banner. On the individual level these can be great retirement products. With a self-directed IRA, an investor can place her retirement funds in a conservative piece of real estate and earn substantially better returns than

How Is This Legal? Why Doesn’t Everyone Offer It FREE?

IS IT LEGAL? That is a very good question and one of the first things I asked, only after getting my credit card out to buy the new HDTV media smart box. The answer to that is YES, it is perfectly legal if it is being streamed from the internet. The other question is not so easy to answer, not sure why the “other” companies still make you pay a

5 Reasons Why Everyone Needs to Fail in Their 20s to Be Successful

Will Smith

Everyone knows that failure is bad. It’s no secret that every single successful being today has noted failures in his or her life. Some choose to mope around and let it slowly destroy them, while others fight through and eventually see success. However, how does one actually “fight” through failure? The answer is simply to change your perspective on things. Here are five reasons why your failures are not as

7 Tips For Generating Profitable Leads Online For Less For Small Businesses


The lifeblood of every small business is new leads and buyers. You need to generate new qualified leads every single day or you will go out of business. And as a small business on a limited budget you must generate those leads profitably or you will go broke trying to grow your business. Here are 7 tips you can put into action immediately to begin generating more profitable leads online.

Are Basketball Hoops Just Too Low Now, I Think So…..


Basketball needs to have some changes now.  It seems like the players have all changed, therefore certain aspects of the game needs to change in order to keep it more exciting to watch.  I can remember when watching one of the players flying high and dunking the ball, maybe even the unrelenting, formidable slam-dunk,  was a really big deal.  Now it’s a big deal if the player can’t dunk the

The Shark Tank Reveals – How to Use Social Networks as a Marketing Tool

The Shark Tank Reveals – How to Use Social Networks as a Marketing Tool   With 56% of Americans on at least one social network, it’s likely you have a personal profile on Facebook, Twitter, or one of the many other social platforms that pop up everyday. But, the question is, does your small business have the same sort of online social presence? Social Media Networking is an Effective Marketing