It’s Time has Come

xm logo pictureAfter saturating myself in the “streaming media” marketplace and learning all there is to know with this new technology, I have developed the absolute best streaming device available. With help from the manufacturer, I have made the necessary upgrades and adjustments that makes this product not only the “best in it’s class”, but also consumer friendly. This box features HDTV, both live with commercials including local channels plus the ability to watch ANY of your favorite TV shows without commercials at any time of the day or night. It supports 4K/3D and plays all of the New Releases at the box office,”On Demand” movies, “Pay Per View” Movies and Sporting Events, News Channels galore, Children Networks with movies and cartoons, Sporting events all over the world, both live and recorded. Also has Media Sharing, Video Chatting, 2D & 3D Gaming, 100’s of Music Channels and Music Videos. You can even check your email or go to Facebook with Google Chrome that is already loaded in the box. There are No Contracts, No Monthly Fees, No Fee per Movie. This allows you to be able to pay less for your cable without all the premium channels or pay nothing at all.