How Is This Legal? Why Doesn’t Everyone Offer It FREE?

IS IT LEGAL? That is a very good question and one of the first things I asked, only after getting my credit card out to buy the new HDTV media smart box. The answer to that is YES, it is perfectly legal if it is being streamed from the internet. The other question is not so easy to answer, not sure why the “other” companies still make you pay a monthly fee AND still not get everything for free. I guess they have a strong desire to remain in business and that is the only way they can. 

When I was first introduce to this type of streaming media player, the first thing I did was research it by comparing what type of “hardware” was in this box compared to the others. What I found was that there were several other boxes out there with similar hardware, if not the exact same.  They were also less expensive but they did not offer everything this “new” box has to offer. After doing more due-diligence, I found out why. It is in the software that separates the “men boxes” from the “boy boxes”. I also found out that all of the software was installed in the box while being manufactured in China, then shipped out from there. While this process is much cheaper, it makes support a nightmare for those having to solve all the issues that came with the box.

Not being a very “techy” kind of guy, it still made very good sense to go with the new JetStream4 HDTV box because the software is installed here in the USA.  After talking to one of the owners and having a “look see” at their operation in California, it was a “no brainer” to say the least. I have only needed to contact the support department once and that was not due to a problem but more of a tech question on how i can add more Apps to my new “smart box”, since it does more than just play movies and TV.

Even though this new box cost more than some of the other products currently available, it will save me the difference in price by 10 fold to say the least. It sure is nice not having that $177 month cable bill anymore. Just getting everything for FREE is savings enough, especially with no out of pocket costs to watch the “pay per view” events. I am not even a big boxing fan but I guarantee you one thing, I will have that Mayweather/Pacquiao fight on just because so many others are paying $100 with the “other” companies to see it. Hope it goes for more than one round.