Are Basketball Hoops Just Too Low Now, I Think So…..

Are the BB goals too low?

Basketball needs to have some changes now.  It seems like the players have all changed, therefore certain aspects of the game needs to change in order to keep it more exciting to watch.  I can remember when watching one of the players flying high and dunking the ball, maybe even the unrelenting, formidable slam-dunk,  was a really big deal.  Now it’s a big deal if the player can’t dunk the ball.  It’s great to see how our kids have progressed into such athletes, running faster and jumping higher. I am sure they have trained hard to get where they are today, but something has got to give. It’s not as exciting to watch these days as it was when I was kid and watching a game just because Wilt Chamberlain was playing. So I was thinking that maybe they should just raise the basketball hoop another 12″ to 18″, then it won’t be as easy for them to dunk or knock the ball down from a good shot. I really don’t think that would be too high either because there are a few players that appear to be heads over the goal when they go flying to the hoop.  I know some will say, what about football?  Well, it’s not like football players have to jump over the field goal to make a touchdown or anything like that. The game is still pretty much the way I remember it as a kid. The same goes with baseball, I still see about the same number of home runs as I did in the past.  No, it’s just basketball, that has taken the hoopla out of the slam-dunk.  I am curious to see how many people would agree with me.