Getting Started With No Prior Knowledge

Having been blessed in my business at an early age and a believer in “paying it forward”, I have the aspiration to help others become successful. Knowing very little about internet marketing when I retired, “getting started”, I found was the hardest part. People would always tell me to just do this and do that then download this and send that over there and I did not even have a clue as to what they were talking about or even how to do it. Now, after having some serious learning curves and getting the proper knowledge on how to build a successful business at home and on the internet, I am able to share my knowledge with those that really want to learn but were afraid to ask. I have found that by keeping it simple, providing the right tools and focusing on each step, will not only get your business up and running in a short period of time, but will give you a good understanding on how it’s done

So if you are interested in starting up your own, “home based business” on the internet, let me help you not only get started but give you a map of how to manage it so you will not be totally consumed for hours on end. Start spending more time with your family and less time in front of your computer and watch your bank account grow in the process.


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Millionaires Club Member


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Liber-Tee Golf Practice Tees
Liber-Tee Golf Practice Tee Patent

Mark M DeLanney Sr.    –     Dad, Visionary, Serial Entrepreneur, Inventor,                                                            Owner, Operator, CEO

Born in 1960, Mark is a father of three boys and grew up in Galveston, Texas. Has a strong background in financing and contract law. Licensed Realtor for DeLanney and Associates Realtors. Uniform Securities Agent State Law, NASD Series 22 and 63. Owns and operates several successful businesses with both product and service type companies.  He is an avid Binary and Forex trader and loves to play golf almost daily.

Currently own and operate: Bread & Butter Oil and Gas LLC, MC OPS LLC, Golden Boys LLC, Forever More Marketing, Liber-Tee Golf Patent,,, R2G Mobile and BMMark Opportunities.

Current Business Opportunities Offered by BMMark include: Self Service Laundries,  Ambit Energy, Karatbars International, DubLi Network, Ready2GoMobile, Ouroboros Trading Network,  Binary and Forex Trading.